About Us

In 1977, the Directors of Pennsylvania’s Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs) joined together in creating a statewide organization to represent their collective interests and strengthen their professional role within the Aging Network. Today this Organization, incorporated as the Pennsylvania Association of Area Agencies on Aging (P4A), has come to represent both the best interests of older Pennsylvanians and its AAA Membership by fostering collaboration in areas of:

    • Advocacy
    • Leadership
    • Training
    • Policy

P4A’s Mission is a statement of its commitment to act as an advocate for the aging — promoting the continued physical, social, and economic self-sufficiency of Pennsylvania’s seniors. It pursues elders’ right to choice and dignity in daily living; and strives to furnish its Members with the essential informational/ educational resources to deliver quality service toward this end.

By virtue of its Membership structure, the Association affords Pennsylvania’s 52 AAAs the opportunity to have direct input into broad issues of statewide and national import, while retaining responsiveness to the character and unique needs of each local community. In this forum, the Association’s Members benefit from the knowledge and capabilities of others throughout the Commonwealth – allowing them to evolve quality standards and procedure reflecting contemporary statewide thinking and demonstrated best practice.

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